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Thank you for reaching out. Please complete the following form to help us identify streets and other roadways that may require further snow removal efforts. These streets will be reviewed after prioritized snow removal operations have been completed.

Street snow removal timelines:

  • Primary roads: within four hours of snow reaching 2.5 cm
  • Main and designated secondary roads: within eight hours of snow reaching 5 cm
  • Secondary through roads: within 24 hours of the end of snowfall, if snow reaches depth of 8 cm
  • Secondary cul-de-sacs: within 36 hours of the end of snowfall, if snow reaches 8 cm

Residential roads  are not maintained to a bare pavement condition. They are plowed and sanded as necessary to provide safe travel. They are only serviced after the Priority Roads, Main Roads and Designated Secondary roads have been cleared to an acceptable level.

Please note: sidewalks in front of residential properties are required to be cleared within 24 hours of the end of snowfall by property owners. Additionally, the City does not revisit streets to clean up driveway swales.