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Graffiti Removal Financial Assistance Program Application

Thank you for your interest in the City of St. Catharines' Graffiti Removal Financial Assistance Program. Please familiarize yourself with the program process before completing the application. Only costs associated with the work of a qualified contractor will be reimbursed through the program, the City will not reimburse costs associated with personal removal efforts.

Reporting and Application Process

Step 1:

  • Applicant reports incident to Niagara Police Service at 905.688.4111 and obtains incident number
  • Applicant reports incident to City, calling 905.688.5600 ext. 3145

Step 2:

  • City staff provide preliminary program description
  • Staff process inspection work order
  • Staff inspect property and verify graffiti
  • Staff provide information package

Step 3:

  • Property owner reviews information package, acknowledges disclaimer
  • Owner selects contractor, authorizes contractor to proceed with work
  • Owner pays contractor in full upon work completion
  • Owner submits complete application and proof of payment

Step 4:

  • Staff inspect the work and verify completion
  • Application approved
  • Staff process payment to applicant